Drowned in Endine on Sunday, the body of the 32-year-old is recovered

The search activity coordinated by the Ucl-Local Command Unit of the Bergamo Fire Brigade saw the alternation of the TAS from Bergamo, Brescia and Lecco, SAF Fluviali, Divers from Milan, Turin, Vicenza, Florence, the VF Malpensa helicopter, the Volunteers from Lovere with the VVF boat and the Treviglio Volunteer Divers. Trading ended at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Searches continued for three days and late Tuesday night, at the end of a briefing between the forces in the field, it was decided to continue focusing sonar to sound the bottom. Hours and moments of pain and waiting for the friends and family of Orlando, who had arrived in Italy at the end of 2015 and settled in Bergamo: he had recently found work as a maintenance worker in the construction sector for a cooperative that operates House of the Youth of Bergamo.

Sunday in Ranzanico: this is what happened

The father of two children from a previous marriage, Orlando had rented a pedal boat in Ranzanico on Sunday to spend a lazy afternoon with his current partner Olga Gabriela Tangara Mamami, their daughter Miriam Rocio Ramallo Mamami and a family friend, Pietro Chestnut from Albino.

Gonzáles was in the pedal boat, while his partner was in the water, attached to the boat because he did not know how to swim and preferred not to get out. Miriam for her part, managing to stay afloat, had tried to take a few strokes but when she saw that the pedal boat was moving away due to the wind, she got scared and asked for help: Orlando, despite not knowing how to swim, floated into the lake wearing a life jacket and slowly approached the girl.. Together, strapped to the same life jacket, the two had attempted to return to the pedal boat, but the man on board was unable to find them, and the boat indeed continued to drift away. The 32-year-old Bolivian then got rid of the life jacket, convinced that in a few strokes he would reach the pedal boat: when he was a meter or so away, for reasons still unknown, perhaps suffering from some disease, he ended up underwater and never resurfaced.. The two women called for help, but the man on board, who is deaf and dumb, could not hear. Only after several minutes, from the shore, a Ranzanico resident realized what was happening and raised the alarm: several firefighters and ambulances were at the scene, but no sign of Orlando.

Puma’s body was taken to the morgue of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. Orlando sorely leaves Olga Mamami, his daughter Miriam his and Fabiola Macias (his first wife) with their two children aged 12 and 14, Jhon and Steven.


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